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WPT Launches Overseas Gambling Website

The American online poker market is an estimated $2.4 billion. However, the profits from this burgeoning industry largely flows overseas. This is due to the fact that a number of foreign companies dominate the online poker market in America. WPT Enterprise Inc. the company that started the poker rage with its televised World Poker Tour, wants to a piece of the cake. It has ventured into uncharted legal territory. WPT has launched an overseas gambling website from its Wishire Boulevard offices from the LA county Museum of Art. It bars U.S. citizens which make approximately 80% of its potential customers, from accessing its Europe based WPTonline.com poker site. It does not want to break any rules as per which it is illegal to accept online bets from U.S. residents,  on casino and sports games.

So far, the Justice Department has not brought any cases against online poker players or the companies that take their money. A Justice Department spokesman in Washington declined to comment on WPT but said companies couldn’t presume that what they were doing was legal just because their customers weren’t U.S. citizens.

Colorado Poker Laws With Many Loopholes

Poker games played in bars and restaurants are said to be illegal largely. The Colorado attorney general recently remarked that poker games played all over the state, were not legitimate. Colorado’s gambling laws can be interpreted variously and depend upon the interpretation given by various district attorneys. The focus on gambling enforcement became prominent on April 24th this year after arrests made in Guadal-Jarra’s restaurant, during a poker game, in Palmer Lake. Most cases against the 22 card players have been dismissed. The 4th Judicial Attorney general, Newsome said, the casino owner had violated the law because it featured a $15 buy-in. Besides officials did not know all the players at the table. The games thus violated the state’s law requirement as per which players must have a ‘bonafide social relationship. Opinions vary on what should constitute a ‘bonafide social relationship.