Day 1: Are you Ozzie?

Let me start by saying that Change100 is a bit of a wimp. Here was the challenge:

She grabs Phil Gordon’s ass (and we were within grabbing distance) and I’ll get punched by Jose anseco.

Her part of the deal was easy, mine would take a little work. The plan was to go up to Jose and say, “Ozzie? Ozzie Canseco??? Man, you must be back on the juice, you look great!” Ozzie is Jose’s significantly less talented rtp online . And that says a lot consider Jose doesn’t have much more talent than where to stick the needle.

It never happened. Instead, we got a great show from the Pussycat Dolls. That’s right, Drizz, I’m sorry, we saw the Pussycat Dolls without you. And, yes, they were spectacular. Unfortunately, I left my camera in my room, so hopefully I’ll get to steal one from Change100.

In case you’re wondering, this was all happening at the Full Tilt Poker WSOP Gala at Pure at Ceaser’s Palace. I was lucky enough to be the lovely Jen Leo’s “+1”. The most interesting hello from the evening was a Gavin Smith middle finger 6 inches from my face while having a conversation with Howard Lederer’s stepmother. Yesh, he didn’t know who it was.

Today is the Media Event and maybe an Absolute Poker party tonight, courtesy of the lovely Jen Tidwell and the great people at Absolute. I’ve got my Luckbox with me and I’m feeling pretty lucky. More to come…

Since all of you punks (except Drizz) got your chance to do Vegas earlier this month, I’m taking my revenge by spending 12 days there and getting paid to do it.

I’ll wait a moment for your intense jealousy to build up.

Okay, you’ve had enough time. Not only am I going to be immersed in the WSOP Main Event, but I’m going to get to play in the Media event and I’ll be hitting up the hottest WSOP parties I can find (thanks Jen and Jen!) And I’ll be throwing down a grand of my own money to play in the August 3rd NLHE event. Finally, I’ll be working side-by-side with the best poker bloggers in the business.

If you’re running the “Otis at the WSOP” graphic in your sidebar, feel free to update to the new one:

Expect to see the bulk of our work over at the PokerStars blog, but I promise they’ll be plenty left over for Up For Poker. See ya on the other side of Sin City!