Unfortunately, the first hand of Day 2 brought the first CarbonPoker casualty when the short stacked, sanghoki , found himself with AcKc in the big blind.

With only $30,000 in chips and one aggressor left in the hand, Bradfish put his tournament on the line and pushed all-in for his remaining chips.

The original aggressor quickly made the call and flipped his cards to reveal – AA

The flop was all rags, but with 2 clubs on the board Bradfish was praying for the nut flush. Sadly, the club never came and he was unable to draw out to keep his tournament alive.

This isn’t the end for Bradfish, as he will be at it again in Monday’s EPT Satellite and will have the full support of the CarbonPoker Team!

Hand of the day at the APPT Sydney!

Not only did our qualifiers have a great run at the APPT Sydney Main Event, but Carbon Poker’s CEO Anthony also managed to come home with a great story.

Card dead for most of the tourney, and in his words dying a slow painful death, late in the day he turned that frown upside down. The entire poker room was buzzing with excitement as the first (and so far only) royal flush was played out, and who’s grinning mug should be the center of that attention but our fearless leader!

Sadly Anthony didn’t quite survive to the dinner break, the call of a good steak was just too strong. I’m kinda glad though, we ended up having a great steak.

Five of seven qualifiers make it to day 2 at the APPT!

In an effort that has blown our best predictions out of the water of our seven qualifiers that played in the APPT Sydney main event five have charged their way to day two of play.

Leading the way is young Brazilian BatataSC, he has been one of our chip leaders since he started play, right along with our second highest stack Halo77. Both players have taken hits but bounced right back and end day one with 107,000 and 101,000 respectively.

Next on our list is dannyboy904, he showed great patience early and the late double up sees him end day one with 56,700.

Right behind him is bradfish who had a high of about 75,000 but just couldn’t find that extra hand to keep him up. He took down some big pots but just couldn’t get that back to back pot to really give him a lift. At one stage he looked like he might not survive after the last break, but he played his cards well and finished with 31,100, just enough chips to make an early move.

Our last player through to day two is flail1, he came through day 1b with 15,500 and while I suggested it might be worth moving all-in in the dark first hand, he is taking the safer approach of seeing what he can find in that first orbit before the blinds and antes take him out.

It was great to see all of our qualifiers do well, even the two players who couldn’t survive day one can hold their heads high after playing some great poker. The quality of play from this group has been unbelievable.

Its just 12 hours till we shuffle up and do it all again, hopefully this great play will continue and we can see a couple of players taking home some cash!