69% of Recruiting Executives

Report that managing a global recruiting function is harder today than it was five years ago. Today’s environment is more global—or as popular writer Thomas



Card Counting

More than likely you have heard about Card Counting before. But do you really know

Holy Vible

We Must Obey the Gospel

The Scriptures say the gospel includes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ (1

keluaran hk SCOOP 2010 Event 31 Results

After an epic tournament that rolled on late into the night, poker pro Kevin “BeL0WaB0Ve” Saul came from behind to win SCOOP 2010 Event 31 for nearly $191K after agreeing to a deal with only three players remaining.   The event, a 1 Rebuy 1 Add-on No Limit Hold’em tournament, attracted keluaran hk of the best players online. With 236 players, 155 rebuys and 167 add-ons for $2100 each, the high tier of the event boasted a bloated $1,116,000 prize pool. The winner, Kevin Saul, is a famous player best known for beating Mike Matusow heads-up to win the WPT Bellagio Cup III. The medium level tournament went to kuufer for $124K and fwilliams007 won the

WSOP Champion togel Singapore Pays Zero Taxes on $8M Win

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event just concluded last week, with Pius Heinz being crowned champion. For his extraordinary play, Heinz pulled in a massive $8.7 million. Hailing from Germany, a popular question has been just how much of these winnings will be taxed? According to Russ Fox of Clayton Financial and Tax, the answer is zero. Fox’s analysis became popular when togel Singapore sports analyst Darren Rovell tweeted a link to the story. In his analysis, Fox broke down the tax liabilities of each of the November Nine. Heinz had the best deal of all, reaping the benefits of a U.S.-Germany tax treaty. Under this treaty, gambling income is exempt from all U.S.

Card Counting

More than likely you have heard about Card Counting before. But do you really know what it is and how it works? When most people hear about card counting they imagine someone remembering every card that has been played and then drawing a conclusion on the next card. So a card counter would need to have a photographic memory or use some other method of help. That is NOT how card counting works, quite frankly it is almost impossible. You probably will be surprised to learn that card counting is for the most part straightforward. All it involves is simple adding and subtracting of numbers. The idea is to determine whether or not the deck(s)

Leopard18 Wins Full-Tilt-Poker꽁머니 토토 XII Event 4

  FTOPS XII continued yesterday with Event #4.  This was a $200 + $16 no-limit Hold’em event allowing 1-re-buy and 1-add-on and featuring a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool.  That prize would rise, however, as there were 1,196 players to buy-in, followed by 872 re-buys and 784 add-ons.  That brought the total in the pot to $580,400! As with most of the 꽁머니 토토 tournaments, there were a number of Full Tilt’s Red Pros in this one.  Red Pros in this event included Andrew Black, David Pham, Lee Watkinson, and Scott Fischman.  Only two of Full Tilt’s Pros would finish in the money, however.  Stefan Rapp finished at 110th place and tournament host, Trond Eidsvig, lasted until 36th

먹튀검증사이트 SCOOP 2012 Becomes Largest Online Tournament Series Ever

PokerStars has set a new record for the largest ever online poker tournament series. This year’s Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP 2012) ran for two weeks, featuring 40 events of three tournaments each for a total of 120 events. Registration for the last event has just closed, resulting in a grand total of $65,332,179 worth of prizes for the series. There were a grand total of 526,154 entries, also a new record. The previous records were set by PokerStars’ SCOOP 2010 when 461,936 entrants played for a total of $64,230,010 in prize money. It should be noted that SCOOP 2010 only had 33 different events, compared to this year’s 40 events. Despite the larger

Still slothoki True

  I’m not a tourney report writer. Grubby is good at that. So is Pauly. Me, I’m a trip report writer, which sucks when I’ve just taken second place in a True Poker multi-table tournament. I didn’t take a trip. I sat here for hours while my back slothoki turned into a giant monkey fist and I let some chump (actually, he was a helluva player) take first place. Now I’m all jacked up on adrenaline and testosterone. It’s almost 2am. I have to get up in five hours for a very important court hearing. And I can’t move fro this chair. It’s at this point that I quite seriously asked myself, “What would Pauly do?”



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