… and I’m still getting plagued with suckouts…

Ah, well, we all have our own cross to bear. I won’t go on and on about it. I still managed to be profitable today, so I’ll let it be.

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Let’s see if we can find something pokery to talk about this evening…

So, how about that Matusow?…

No, huh…

How about some results? My week can’t get any worse, really, and I have outed myself previously as a micro-limit player that can’t win above $5 (proof below). Despite the horrific week (no straights, flushes, boats, and don’t get me started on the brutal suckouts!), I am holding at a 50% ITM rate since 11/1. My win rate is down to 18%, though, a direct result of the aforementioned:

ITM % Hrly Rate Win % ROI Games

Total 50% $ 0.05 18% 2% 56

$.50 71% $ 0.66 21% 77% 14

$.75 100% $ 3.93 100% 275% 1

$1.00 53% $ 0.59 21% 36% 19

$2.00 31% $(0.22) 15% -6% 13

$5.00 33% $(2.70) 0% -27% 9

So, I’ve got some work to do. Hopefully, things are turning around with both the cards and my play. I was 3/5 ITM today, including two second places in $5 events when my money went in good in successive hands (once with one card to come, and still got rivered by the 2-outer).

Oh, yeah, I wasn’t going to discuss all that, was I?


Oh yeah, there was a home game Friday. I did not go. We all know why.

In the first 2 games they chopped heads-up…WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

Readers with a photographic memory might remember I offered a chop at this game when I was heads-up with equal chipstacks, only to be told they only chopped on the last game of the night. I only made the offer because there were 9 guys standing around waiting to play. So I went ahead and won it out of spite.

So when I heard this tale this morning at my birthday brunch (39 and holding, officially), my mouth just dropped. I kept my peace out of respect, but it just effin gets my panties in a wad over the way these guys change their rules around to suit their mood. Either the rules are the rules, or it should be left up to the guys left in the game.


Oh well, it wasn’t my money in the game. But at least I know that I have to ask before each game now.



Played ‘just one more’, and finally saw the winner’s circle. It was a marathon. I went way up early, accumulating over half the chips on the table with 5 left. I loosened up and tried to put people out, but all I succeeded in doing was giving away my lead. At one point, I was the shortstack with about 5BBs with 4 left in the game against 2 very tight players and third tricky player. Stayed nice and tight, pushing with my good cards and managed to re-take the lead and go heads-up with a 5-1 chip advantage. By this time, blinds were 300-600, and a couple of ace-highs seemed good enough to put him all-in.

That’s when he types in, “di ck head”.


He’s quiet all game, and has played tighter than a drum, then gets pissed because I try to, you know, beat him?

I didn’t bite.

I still put him all-in every hand. He called with Q4s and flopped the flush, then has the nerve to say, “got ya”.

Meanwhile, I still have him 2-1 and stay aggressive, going back up to 4-1 quickly due to his weak blind play. I put him all-in with 2-2, and he calls with T8.

His, “Moron” as he left the game was answered with a simple, “fu”, the only chatting I did all game. Deuces suck, but I’ll take coinflips heads-up with 4-1 and 5-1 advantages.

Guess I was supposed to let him in with 5-2o sometime so he could outflop/outplay me. Oh well, I don’t need anyone to tell me I suck, I know it all too well.